Who We Are


Imperial Institute of Higher Education

We are in the business of producing agile business executives and leaders by providing well structured market relevant learning from the best universities and educational institutes form overseas. We were incorporated in October 1996 and for the past 24 years we have provided the private sector and government institutions over 1000 skilled graduates.

Our curriculums are structured to suit the global business demands and not only Sri Lanka or UK centric. The faculty are all from the industry who have excelled in their chosen fields. We assess applied knowledge through assignments which are current in context and not memory through exams. We understand that knowledge gained through wider educations in only as good as its application. Our students transform in their thinking and approach during the course. This is our competitive advantage.

We believe that education is no longer about filling the minds of the students but about shaping the minds. This way we enable agility among the graduates we produce.

What makes us different?

There are fundamental questions one should ask before choosing a higher education path. They are

i). Why do I need this?
ii) Who is the awarding body
iii) Who are the faculty that delivers
iv) How relevant is the module structure and content and finally
v) How is the learning outcome assessed.

Not many who decide to invest their money and hours of their lifetime ask these questions before making the choice.

We have consciously made our choices to answer those questions and that is our competitive advantage.

We at the time of recruitment consciously try to find out why the prospect is looking for wider education.

We have partnered with a Royal Chartered institute University of Wales Trinity St. David (UWTSD) the 3rd oldest university after Oxford and Cambridge. UWTSD celebrate 200 years in education in 2022.

We continue our quest to bring the program of repute and relevance to ensure our students stand out in the global job market

Message from
Head of School

Dr. Bradley Emerson
Chose wise : your future is the outcome of your present choices

“Education, particularly higher education is a critical component not only of socioeconomic development of a nation but also the sustenance of same. Therefore, education needs to be aligned provide resources to the key drivers of the economy. To us at IIHE education is not about passing out graduates. It is about being connected to the economic potential of a nation.

It has been highlighted many times that conventionally there are gaps in aligning the higher education to the economic drivers. Primarily the curriculum to Industry gap - Curriculum outcome must connect to industry trends in order to maximize student employability and career progress. Secondly, curriculum to learning gap - the composition of the modules, the content thereof, the method of delivery and assessment of the learning outcomes could be industry relevant yet there can be a gap in the learning. Thirdly and most importantly the student to industry relevance gap. This is what is causing the high rate unemployability of graduates.

We, at IIHE are aware of these gaps and conscious of the higher purpose of learning. Our entire institution is built to deliver the purpose in higher and wider education. To us at IIHE education is not about passing out graduates. It is about being connected to the economic potential of a nation.

The faculty we have chosen are all from the industry who have excelled in their chosen fields. UWTSD assess applied knowledge through assignments which are current in context and not memory through exams. We understand that knowledge gained through wider education is only as good as its application. Our students transform in their thinking and approach during the course.” People who come through such a process will be agile and adaptive and relevant to the future. Education must be ‘future focused’.

Employability is the proof of any education system and the time spent in education and knowledge imparted need not be thought as it is openly available, therefore, what needs to be thought is the cognitive ability – the ability to draw insights and apply the same. If knowledge is information, wisdom is the understanding and application of that knowledge and insight is the awareness of the underlying essence of wider learning today.

Ms. Dameesha Shamindu
Assistant Manager
Sales & Marketing

Ms. Dameesha Shamindu is the Assistant Manager of Sales and Marketing at IIHE. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and BA (Hons) in Business Administration - London Metropolitan University (UK). Further, she is reading a Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing (CIM). Starting her career at BCAS university in Administration field, she then moved to gain experience at Ceylinco in the customer care service. Following with she served as an Executive in Sales & Marketing at American Premium Water Systems. She further has acquired experience in Marketing via advertising firms.

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Contact No : +94 76 353 0342

Ms. Yashitha Epa
Assistant Manager
HR & Administration

Yashitha Epa is Assistant Manager – HR and Administration at IIHE. She holds charteredship in Human Resources Management and she completed Professional Qualification in HRM at Charted Institute of personal Management and also Reading MBA at Cardiff Metropolitan in UK . she is a one of the gold medalist, awarded by CIPM for her best achievement in Human Resources Management . Yashitha is having clear and comprehensive 7 years’ experience in various practices such as Hospitality, Healthcare, and Automobile Industries. Furthermore, Yashitha is also member of the Charted Institute of personal Management.

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Contact No : +94 112 598 772

Our Board Directors

Mr. Jit Warnakulasuriya

Jitendra Warnakulasuriya (JIT) is the founder & Chairman of JIT Group of companies. Jitendra Warnakulasuriya is the Honorary Counsil of Bosnia & Herzegovina for Sri Lanka. His business experience is spanning over 35 years in areas of Entrepreneurship, Management, Marketing and Business Development and 1st Generation Entrepreneurship.

Dr. Bradley Emerson

A passionate leader. And an ambitious individual with both local and overseas transformational leadership qualities, and. A banker at heart, he moved into education and is now transforming young minds across the strategizing businesses, public and private sector. Bradley brings to the table a wealth of knowledge across various industries globe. He brings with him over more than 40 years of experience in both public and private sector. In addition to this he is a proud owner of many awards in the corporate field and to name a few would be, CIMA – international brand of the year 2012 – Silver, Achievers award from postgraduate institute of management, CIMA Spell master award, an award-winning turn around performance of PABC is some from a long list of awards and achievements. Mr. Emerson holds a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Sri Jayawardhanapura and is a member of CIMA UK. And he is a proud owner of Leadership Excellence Award from Business world international award 2022.

Mr. Priyantha Fernando

Mr. Fernando has obtained professional training in Macro Economic Analysis and Financial Programming in International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank and Corporate Leadership in ICLIF – Malaysia. He has more than 35 years of experience in the banking sector and last served as the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

Dr T S Weerakoon

Dr. Weerakoon was the Academic Director at IIHE since 2004 and has a Phd in Management He holds fellowships of several Professional Institutes and is a Chartered Engineer of the Council of Engineers. U.K. His work experience includes 20 years (1981-2002) as an Academic at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Prof. Ranjith Bandara
Honorary Chancellor

Professor Ranjith Bandara is a member of parliament. He served as Senior Professor in Economics at the University of Colombo. He earned TWO Masters Degrees. M.A in Economics in 1992 and MSc in Management of Natural Resources and Sustainable in 1995. Received his PhD in Economics from the University of Queensland. Australia in 2003. Prof Bandara has contributed to a number of National and International Journals and is the author of a few books written under various themes in Economics and related subjects and has also saved as the Editor of the Sri Lanka Economic Journal and Management Digest. He was Member of the National Economic Council of Sri Lanka and the Financial System Stability Consultative and the Rating Committees of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Prof. Bandara was also the Chairman of Sri Lanka Foundation and Senior Economic Adviser of the Strategic Enterprise Management Agency under the President's Office. He has also saved as a Senior Director on the Boards of Merchant Bank of Sri Lanka PLC. Merchant Insurance Co. Merchant Credit Financial Services Limited. MBSL Savings Bank. National Livestock Development Board. Lanka Libya Agricultural and Livestock Development Co. Ltd. and Sri Jayawardenapura General Hospital.