IIHE Values

Mutual Respect

I commit to treat others the way I would like to be treated and I will:
  • Always interact in a respectful and professional manner with appropriate use of language and behavior while recognizing diversity.
  • Actively listen to every idea without bias or prejudice.
  • listen to others and value their opinions irrespective of the position or background.
  • Make sure I respond on time and let the appropriate person know in case of a delay.
  • Actively engage at work in all situations and I make sure I have done the necessary preparatory work.
  • Know the impact of how this might impact others before using any communication and the usage on mobile phones and other electronic devices.
  • Ensure that all employees have necessary access to information and equal opportunities at work irrespective of gender, religion, race and caste.
  • Refrain from and object to any behavior that can be seen or interpreted as harassment.
  • Be approachable and I will have patience to take interest in knowing all stakeholders’ concerns and issues.
  • Understand the emotions of others and I show empathy and care.


I commit to take ownership for the task assigned to me & deliver results and I will;
  • Demonstrate the importance of inter - dependability in all aspects of the jobs and I own up to words and actions.
  • Give commitments that can be met and ensure they are honored.
  • Complete all assigned tasks on time and with minimal supervision.
  • Show commitment to workplace discipline and decorum
  • Fulfill all commitments made to peers, co-workers, supervisors, and customers
  • Show full commitment to decisions agreed upon by the team, even in case of personal disagreement.
  • Admit mistakes, misjudgments, or errors; immediately inform the relevant parties.
  • Be proactive in clarifying expectations and anticipating issues.
  • Acknowledge every communication and close the loops.
  • Take personal responsibility for seeing efforts through to completion and/or taking tough decisions involved.


I commit to help others to achieve their goals and I will;
  • Ask for the input of group members and encourage them to contribute
  • Give credit and recognition to those who have contributed
  • Demonstrate an interest in helping others, solve problems and accomplish work objectives- at any circumstances
  • Follow up on inquiries and requests from peers and co-workers
  • Participate actively in accomplishing group goals, doing our share willingly
  • Acknowledge and work through conflict in a productive way; we share concerns and differing opinions in a constructive and positive manner in order to find a win-win solution
  • Always looks for opportunities to work with other functions/departments/units to provide the best possible service to customers and Stakeholders

Positive Can-Do Attitude

I commit to demonstrate positiveness in all my thoughts, words & actions and I will;
  • Always be positive in my day to day work
  • Positively face any negative stakeholders to maintain the organization priority.
  • Always try to look for alternative ways to get a positive outcome
  • Work towards everyone’s satisfaction in par with the rules and regulation
  • Love positive energy in the office
  • Work on people first concept
  • Believe in everything start in me, therefore spared the positiveness in others
  • Possess “Yes I can!” and “Yes I will” attitudes
  • Maintain an optimistic outlook by turning challenges into opportunities
  • Be motivated, driven, and passionate for success
  • Build genuine and energetic relationships with each other
  • Find the positive in every situation and have fun as a team

Do the Right Thing

I commit to do right things focusing on company’s interests and I will;
  • Work on the right thing without my personal aspects.
  • Do take generic decisions thinking that these actions could be a procedure in future.
  • Create, follow and demonstrate the right things in every action through a documented process manual
  • Ensure ethics comes first in all the action where it gives more loyalty in the organization
  • Do things right as equally as important on doing the right thing

Think beyond the box

I commit to be innovative & creative in finding better solutions and I will;
  • Be willing to consider different solutions and methods for the desired outcome
  • Believe in creativity speak more than the black and white
  • Look for development by observing outer world
  • Always “Start with why” indoor to understand the meaning and the purpose of the action
  • Get out of comfort zone to experience challenge and to gain knowledge
  • Be open to learn new things