Teaching Methodology

 Real Life Problem Solving (RLPS)

The University of Wales undergraduate programme at IIHE includes a final year Real Life Problem Solving project (RLPS), where students are divided into groups and are expected to find solutions for actual problems and issues affecting HR, Finance, Distribution or Marketing of a well established company. Students of IIHE will deal with large corporates such as Unilever, Fonterra, Dialog, John Keells, etc,. this opportunity not only provides the students an exposure into corporate life, but also provides an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and abilities to potential employers.


During the final year, students are expected to complete a 15,000 to 20,000 words dissertation that is totally research based. This dissertation enables students to integrate their knowledge and skills to address an industrial problem and find a solution based on scientific methodology.

  Case Study Analysis

During the Degree programme students are involved in case study analysis which could be single or multiple cases. Students are exposed to carrying out an intensive analysis of a specific unit, stressing on developmental factors in relation to context. It is a research based approach, situated between concrete data taking techniques and methodological paradigms.

  Group Discussions

Informal and voluntary gatherings of the lecturer and students are done during class sessions in order to exchange ideas, information and suggestions regarding the module and current affairs.

  Role Play

This gives students the opportunity to get involved in spontaneous portrayals of a situation, condition or circumstance which would reflect on a relative current business situation. This is an interactive session where students express their feelings and attitudes towards the given business scenario creatively.

Teaching Methodology Teaching Methodology Teaching Methodology