Japanese Language

Language is the basis of communication for the human race. Without language, it would be difficult to pass any message around and understand the people you meet. The world has evolved and there are innumerable languages across the world. The Japanese language has gained tremendous popularity and now commands a huge following. People are finding it an interesting language to study and official Japanese language courses such as this have made the journey much easier for foreigners wishing to pursue this language. With Japan becoming a global techno logical icon in, it’s attracting foreigners to its shores. In case you wish to move to Japan or simply to interact freely with the Japanese, you will need your Japanese language lessons and mingling freely with them will be easy.

Program Overview

Do you have a plan to migrate to Japan? Or a love for languages? This is your opportunity to broaden your skills by learning Japanese. Through the Japanese language program, you have the opportunity apply to Language Schools in Japan. The Japanese language is the ninth most spoken language in the world, with 128 million people speaking it as their first language in only two countries. Globally, Japanese is spoken by 128.3 million speakers.

Examination N5 (JLPT / NAT)
Duration 4 Months
Intake September, 2022
Lectures Saturdays (Online & Physical Options Available)
Investment LKR 30,000
Payment Plans Available
What the benefits you will attain by pursuing the Japanese language program with IIHE?
  • Increases Job opportunities
  • Provides more opportunities for international understanding
  • Prepares you for a better future
  • Getting smarter
  • Becoming more disciplined
  • Achieving personal goals
  • It’s not that hard to learn
  • Jobs using Japanese language skills are increasing
  • It’s your gateway to more Asian cultures and languages
  • Improves your skills in studying your other academic lessons
  • Makes you understand Japanese culture
  • It Could Help You Study/Work Abroad
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