Reach for the stars with IIHE

2710 / 2017

Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world, which is the ultimate treasure that will not fade away with time.  It is the most precious wealth that you can possess which no one can take away from you. Education plays a major role in every aspect of this world.

However, in Sri Lanka choices for a student are limited. Every student must undergo the emotional dilemma of being selected into a state university. Even so, state universities do not grant the opportunity of providing students with the preferred stream they wish to follow.

It is a brilliant opportunity if you were able to enter into the university you’ve been yearning to go to. However, considering the worst case scenario what if you were not granted this wish? Does this mean that this is the end of your dream? Should you stop dreaming? Does it mean you have to halt your dreams and ambitions permanently and allow the universe to decide your fate?

What if there are other means of making your dreams and aspires a reality? What if there is an institute that will ensure that your dreams will come true? An institute that will assist you in unraveling your dreams and supports you in writing your own fate. IMPERIAL INSTITUE OF HIGHER EDUCATION is the ultimate institute that will meet all your expectations and enable for all your dreams to come true!

Imperial Institute of Higher Education (IIHE) was incorporated in Sri Lanka in October 1996, as a private tertiary educational institution with the objective of providing undergraduate and postgraduate education at an affordable price, for aspiring local students, who do not get an opportunity to enter state universities or to proceed overseas for their higher education. IIHE acts as a portal for the students to make their dreams come true of completing prestigious UK degrees awarded from the University of Wales, University of Salford, Manchester and Australian degrees awarded from University of Western Australia.

During an era where private educational institutes happened to bloom in every corner of a street, what makes IIHE exceptional? IIHE is an institute that was recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Not only is it a prestigious degree programs where it ensures individual attention for students, but has also so far produced over 1000 MBA and BSc graduates recording a pass rate of 90% since 1996. Providing the exceptional facilities and maintaining a healthy student-teacher relationship ratio for students to uplift their performance. IIHE will also provide the opportunity to for students to be a part of multi-national companies along with their engagement in real life problem-solving (RLPS) projects during their internships.

IIHE has also molded up an interesting set of alumni members who are currently performing outstandingly in their respective careers. The exposure and dedication towards its students have backed them to reach for the stars.

Furthermore, IIHE is an institute that opens up to the outside world through different approaches. It gives the opportunity for the students to achieve more through the Rotaract club by engaging in various projects and to learn from these projects. Recently IIHE was involved in sponsoring the St. Benedict’s College cricket team which helps young individuals to reach the stardom of their abilities.

This is for the dreamers out there. With IIHE you don’t have to give up on your dreams. You don’t have to spend your days in oblivion of your future. IIHE will unravel limitless possibilities to make your dreams come true!

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