UGC - Recognition of the Degrees Awarded by University of Wales and Authenticity of Degree Certifica

2403 / 2017

In terms of the provisions of the Public Administration Circular No. 16/92 dated 13.03.1992 the University Grants Commission (UGC) recognizes Universities that are listed in the following International Publications which are authentic sources of information on Universities and Higher Educational Institutions in different countries of the world.
1.   Commonwealth Universities Yearbook
2.   International Handbook of Universities

The University of Wales of which the University Registry Address is Cathay’s Park, Cardiff, Wales CF10 3NS, and United Kingdom is listed in the Commonwealth Universities Yearbook published by the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

Therefore the UGC has granted recognition of degrees awarded by the University of Wales by their letter dated 09.06.2014, as the University is listed in the publication.  Upon registration to follow a degree course offered by University of Wales and taught by Imperial Institute of Higher Education in Sri Lanka under Accreditation/Franchise model, and the student is provided with a registration number of UOW included in their student’s roll.  The information to confirm course attendance, submitting course work/projects and all details relevant to following the degree/post-degree course at IIHE is promptly communicated to the University of Wales for their record keeping.  As for the authenticity of the degree certificate awarded, each graduation ceremony is attended by officials representing the University of Wales in Person, the certificate issued is authenticated by the University Seal being embossed in the Certificate and the signature of the Vice Chancellor/Registrar is placed on the certificate and the successful graduate registered in the prestigious UOW-Alumni.

The recognition and authenticity of the Degree awarded opens employment opportunities in Sri Lanka in U.K. as well as in many countries where the UOW is recognized in view of being listed in the international publications, which is stated.

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