Message from Director
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Dr. T.S Weerakoon

Director Education

Message From The Director Education

On behalf of the Board of Directors of IIHE I welcome you to the Imperial Institute of Higher Education. IIHE was established in October 1996 and has been offering undergraduate and post graduate qualifications from the globally recognized University Of Wales. A BSc ( Hons ) in Business Management and a MBA are currently offered. Since 1996 IIHE has launched the Imperial Institute of Computing and The Imperial Institute of Hospitality and Leisure.

IIHE moved to its current premises in 2011 and has been planning to expand its product portfolio in order to meet the emerging demands of the market. IIHE recently entered into a partnership with the prestigious University of Salford, UK, awarded the Times Business School of 2014. This partnership is initially to offer four undergraduate programmes. The programmes are:

   BSc (Hons) Business and Management

   BSc (Hons) Business and Information Technology

   BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance

   BSc (Hons) Business and Tourism Management

A unique feature about these programmes is that they share a common first year. The modules common to all four degrees are those which provide the necessary knowledge and skills required by all industries. Therefore, students enrolling on the Salford programmes have a year during which they can make a well informed decision as to which of the above degrees they want to really follow. Also all these degrees have received accreditation from relevant professional institutions. Such accreditation entitles students to obtain membership of the professional institutions with minimum extra studies depending on the exemptions granted for the respective degrees.

To assure that you receive the same quality of education as in Salford, IIHE has gone through a rigorous process of validation which ensures that the physical infrastructure, faculty, equipment, library, IT and administrative expertise satisfies the standards expected by UK. IIHE adopts a teaching learning environment which ensures that the knowledge and skills are transferred in an effective and efficient manner. An interactive learning environment is encouraged to ensure that you learn through understanding and conviction. At IIHE we advocate and practice a learning to learn environment rather than a teaching environment. This is to ensure that we transfer the required knowledge and skills, carefully designed into the degrees, in the most effective way. This style of learning also ensures that our graduates become learners for life accumulating new knowledge and skills as they proceed in their professional careers and private life.

Finally I must emphasize that to gain the maximum from our services you too have to make a commitment by becoming active learners, interacting and contributing to the classroom discussions. I must congratulate all of you who have enrolled with us for having made a correct investment for life. The awards you receive at IIHE are from prestigious universities and are globally marketable. I wish you all a challenging and enjoyable learning experience.